Advanced Learner Loan

If you are aged 19 or over and are starting a course at level 3 to level 6 you may qualify for an Advanced Learner Loan from the Government which can cover the costs of your tuition fees. Applications for the Advanced Learn Loan can be made from May 2016 for courses starting from 1 August 2016.

Getting the loan doesn’t depend on your household income and there is no credit check. You won’t have to pay anything back until you’re earning over £21,000 a year. Once you earn over this amount you pay back 9% of the earning you receive above this figure.

The Advanced Learner Loan has replaced the 24+ Advanced Learning Loan. This is because the remit of these loans is being expanded so they are available to everyone aged 19 and over and for study at levels 3 to 6.

To find out how much you would pay back each month based on your annual salary use the Advanced Learner Loan Repayment Calculator.

You may also be eligible for an Advanced Loan Bursary Fund, which can help you if you have any support needs, for example if you need help to fund accommodation, travel, childcare, course materials and classroom assistance for students with disabilities.

You can get free and impartial money advice from the Money Advice Service.

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To find out if the course you are interested in qualifies and for more further information about the Advanced Learner Loan, please call our Information Team on 01252 407040 or email