Michele's Experience

I’ve been at the College for five years now, I chose to study here because I felt it was really beneficial that the tutors have industry experience and can therefore help you to understand the industry better too. It’s also great that you have access to a wide range of facilities, from the theatre and dance studio, to TV studio and radio studio. There are opportunities to collaborate with students on other Media Production courses which is good fun - I created my own comedy show!

At the moment I am really enjoying working on our touring theatre production which we will be performing at the Electric Theatre in Guildford. We have to raise money through fundraisers in order to produce the show which is improving our planning and organisational skills.

I also really enjoyed my work placement on the Airshow radio station last year as producer for two shows, despite the 5.30am start! Once I’ve finished my Degree I’m looking forward to getting as many auditions as possible for potential work, my dream job would be to act in a West End production.

Previously attended the Bastable School, Basildon, Essex