Finding your way around our campuses

With the help of this webpage, you’ll quickly know where you are on campus and where you need to go. Visit this page on a smartphone with GPS and click a location below to see where you are, and where you need to go.


After clicking a location below, click the globe icon in the bottom right on the new webpage to see an aerial photo, which makes it easier to see where you are.

Farnborough campus

Main Entrance to College Mall: https://w3w.co/plan.page.loving

Aerospace and Automotive Academy (AAA): https://w3w.co/leads.varieties.trader

Careers Library: https://w3w.co/length.pads.successes

Cedar Courtyard: https://w3w.co/crop.view.asks

Costa Coffee Shop: https://w3w.co/cross.epic.solve

D Block: https://w3w.co/dices.owner.urban

Dance Studio: https://w3w.co/free.spends.inspector

E Block (Learner Services – The Castle): https://w3w.co/drives.stages.wooden

Emerging Technologies Centre: https://w3w.co/pies.nest.calm

N Block: https://w3w.co/pies.nest.calm

Floristry Design Studio: https://w3w.co/tolls.ripe.took

G Block: https://w3w.co/kick.books.wings

Gym: https://w3w.co/chains.longer.means

H Block: https://w3w.co/fuels.shock.shares

The Hair & Beauty Academy: https://w3w.co/vibes.alert.shine

I Block: https://w3w.co/staple.having.rugs

Institute for Curriculum Enhancement: https://w3w.co/pies.nest.calm

J Block: https://w3w.co/pies.nest.calm

Japanese Courtyard: https://w3w.co/wishes.clubs.remit

K Block: https://w3w.co/vibes.alert.shine

Library: https://w3w.co/cross.epic.solve

M Block: https://w3w.co/stages.magic.fats

MedTech Centre: https://w3w.co/mint.leaves.blues

O Block: https://w3w.co/mint.leaves.blues

Q Block: https://w3w.co/salsa.nerve.squad

Reception: https://w3w.co/joined.repay.point

Refectory (Canteen): https://w3w.co/looked.actor.grants

Student Car Park (Sycamore Road): https://w3w.co/figure.truth.brush

Student Car Park (AAA Building): https://w3w.co/duke.work.bravo

Student Car Park Entrance (for University Centre students only): https://w3w.co/assets.catch.glitz

Student Car Park (Boundary Road): https://w3w.co/sides.volunteered.oils

Theatre: https://w3w.co/tapes.pools.alone

T Block: https://w3w.co/jets.moral.fans

TV Studio: https://w3w.co/free.spends.inspector

U Block: https://w3w.co/month.sing.healers

University Centre Farnborough: https://w3w.co/joined.repay.point

University Centre Study Space: https://w3w.co/purely.hush.guilty

V Block: https://w3w.co/free.spends.inspector

Westminster Lecture Theatre and Seminar Room: https://w3w.co/purely.hush.guilty

Westminster Studio Space (WSS): https://w3w.co/hers.trees.hips

W Block: https://w3w.co/chill.upgrading.cone

Aldershot campus

As the Aldershot site is self-contained, we recommend using this map to find your way

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