Arrangements for obtaining the views of staff and students

Farnborough College of Technology – Educational and character and mission

The Instrument & Articles of Gov ernment of the College require the publication of arrangements for consulting with students and staff at the College on the determination and periodic review of the educational character and mission of the College and the oversight of its activities.

The views of students and staff are vital to shaping the College’s strategy and approach. There are a range of methods by which students and staff are consulted and their views obtained including:


  • Academic Board
  • Newsletters
  • Operational Managers Group
  • Staff Briefings
  • Staff Development Days
  • Staff Governors
  • Staff Meetings
  • Team Meetings


  • Annual Student Conference
  • Student Forum Meetings
  • Student Governors
  • Student Representatives
  • Student Services Weekly Bulletin
  • Student Surveys and Evaluations
  • Tutorial Groups
  • Course Team Meetings

Three Staff Governors and two Student Governors are elected to the Corporation Board and play a full part in the Board’s work. Staff Governors serve on the Committees of the Corporation Board and Student Governors produce a termly report for the Corporation.

The above methods are not exclusive and are kept under review to ensure they are fully accessible and meet the needs of Staff and Students and the Board in obtaining a wide range of views.

Consultation outcome is fed into the planning process by Senior Managers and used to inform the strategic direction of the College which is reviewed and approved by the Corporation Board.

The Principal’s Report, produced termly for the Corporation, includes a Corporate Dashboard and commentary which monitors key indicators essential for the achievement of College strategy.

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