Gender Pay Gap Reporting: 2016-17

Under the Gender Pay Gap Reporting Regulations, Farnborough College of Technology is publishing information from its payroll of 401 staff in the year of reporting 2016-17.  The proportion of male and female staff were 132 (32.9%) and 269 (67.1%) respectively.

The mean gender pay gap 9.2%
The median gender pay gap 9.2%
The mean bonus gender pay gap 30.7%
The media bonus gender pay gap 0%
The proportion of employees receiving a bonus (men) 6.8%
The proportion of employees receiving a bonus (women) 11.9%
The proportion of males and females in each quartile band
Upper quartile Men 35.6 Women 64.4%
Upper middle quartile Men 44% Women 56%
Lower middle quartile Men 28% Women 72%
Lower quartile Men 24% Women 76%

As a college, we are proud of our values which include respect, inclusiveness and social responsibility. These are driving whole college support and nurturing of diversity as a gift of our organisation. As a result, we are pleased with the report’s findings which suggest that taken together females and males in the upper quartile and upper middle quartile receive pay awards that are in line with their proportional representation at the College. Additionally in line with the higher proportion of women employed at the College, a higher proportion of females were awarded bonus payments in 2017-18. We will continue to monitor this position, for example through our recruitment processes.

The composition of male and female staff at management level of the College is 45% and 56% respectively. Additionally, the mean and median rates of pay are broadly the same.

Equally important we have noted the disproportionate number of females employed in lower middle and lower quartile roles has affected mean and median pay gaps. Whilst we do understand the nature of these roles, term time only for instance attract working mothers, we will seek to understand fully the issues, in order to support pragmatically, personal development and progression to higher roles. To this end, in 2017-18 the College will undertake a survey at these levels to inform future actions.

Virginia Barrett


Farnborough College of Technology

March 2018

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