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How to apply

  • Look through the range of courses offered
  • Find out whether the course is the right level for you, check the entry requirements
  • Apply online by following the links on your chosen course
  • Alternatively request a prospectus online and all the information you need will be posted to you

Please apply online: go to the page with details of your chosen course and follow the instructions. If you don’t have access to a computer to apply online, you can access facilities within our Main Reception, where a member of the team will be available to help you, if required.

What happens next?

Once we have received your application we will acknowledge it via email. We will then invite you and your parent/guardian to an interview and presentation, this will give you the opportunity to discuss your application further.

After the interview, if you are successful, a letter of offer will be sent to you. This will either be:

  • a conditional offer (subject to your exam results meeting the entry requirements)
  • an unconditional offer (your place is offered based on your results and interview success)

Important Information

The College offers a wide range of courses at Levels 1 to 3, and we publish the minimum grades that students need to achieve to qualify for a course at each level. However, students are expected to treat these minimum requirement guidelines as exactly that – the minimum level required.

As a college, we expect that all students aim to achieve GCSE results which reflect their highest potential. This means that whatever the minimum grades might be for your chosen course, you should still be striving to achieve the best results you possibly can. For example, even if you have applied for a Level 2 course, and through hard work and determination are able to achieve better results where applicable you would be transferred to a Level 3 course.

Remember the better grades achieved at school will mean the transition to College will be a easier and if you can enter College at a higher level, your course will be a shorter, which means entry to University or employment will be faster, so its in the pupils interest to use their time at school as a strong platform for their future education and working life.

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