Casey – Engineering


Former Engineering student – Now in the Royal Navy

The course really helped me with [going into the Navy] because it’s given me a heads-up of what to expect, and what I’m going to be learning. It’s given me not only a taster but also pretty much taught me what I’m going to learn. 

The best thing about studying at Farnborough would probably be the teachers. They’re just so nice, friendly, and really helpful. They’re understanding and they don’t treat you like a child anymore. It’s a big step going from secondary school to college, but at college they teach you like adults, which is really good as it prepares you for everything else to come.  They sat down with me and did some of the practice tests […] for my application, they asked me practice questions, and just really helped me to get along in the application process as much as I could.  

My favorite thing about studying engineering [at Farnborough] would be the hands-on stuff; all the welding, and I liked the tech part where you’d use all the machines and the lathes. This gave us all a chance to see it firsthand, as just learning about it is different to actually doing it yourself.  

The facilities at Farnborough were amazing, that’s why I chose this college because it was so good compared to all the others! There’s just so much more stuff to use.  In the welding part of the AAA building, that was a big reason why I chose to study here because there’s just so much equipment. It really excited me; I saw all of it and the garage next to it and I was like okay this is where I want to go.  

After the course, I applied to join the royal navy on an accelerated apprenticeship to do marine engineering.  

The role that I’ll be doing is basically being the mechanic of the ship, so I’ll be going around making sure everything is working right, if anything needs to be fixed I’ll fix it, and I’ll be joining at quite a high ranking because it’s an accelerated apprenticeship.  

I’m now officially in the Royal Navy, having passed out of phase 1 training (basic training). I’ll be starting phase 2 training (trade training) to study marine engineering for 6 months, and then I will be based in either Portsmouth or Plymouth. Hopefully by the end of next year I should be on a ship somewhere! 

I would recommend Farnborough for Engineering because of its facilities and all the help from the teachers. You just get so much here; so much encouragement and advice, they really push you along.  

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