Coral – Early Years


Former Early Years Student – Now working as a key worker in a pre-school 

The best thing about studying at Farnborough is that you felt like a family while learning. You didn’t feel like you were just sat in a classroom, you could talk to others, use a laptop, it didn’t feel like you were just sat looking at a whiteboard.  

My favourite part of the course was the placement. Two days a week we would spend doing placements with different year groups, including baby room, pre-school, and reception. It was great because you could take what you learned in class into placement to see it in action. This meant we could learn while doing. 

I now work in a pre-school as a key worker, and it was one of the pre-schools I worked at for my placement on my course. I work with a group of children who I do observations on and play with. I’m able to help them meet their milestones, prepare for joining school and I get to see them grow which is really nice to see.  

The teachers at college were amazing. My tutor was with me from the first year and was always there for me anytime I needed help with coursework. All of the teachers were understanding and so helpful.  

I would recommend Farnborough because if you want to do early years you can just focus on early years without having to focus on other subjects too. I never felt overwhelmed with work, we had plenty of time to meet deadlines and the tutors were always there for you. If you don’t have the facilities at home to study you can work at college. You feel so welcomed here. 

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