Jessica – Joint Honors (HE)


Former Psychology with Sociology Joint Honors student – Now studying MSc Psychology at the University of Surrey

I learnt that UCF offered degrees on Facebook, and decided to come to the next open event. After visiting and seeing the facilities and how nice the UCF building was set up, and the modern small classrooms really set the tone. Most of my friends moved away and I didn’t know anyone when I came here, now I have a little group of friends of a similar age.

I decided to study at University Centre Farnborough as it’s the closest University to me and after looking into it I realised how it would be a more personal due to its small campus experience. I really like that you’re not sat in a lecture being spoken at, you can actually participate and get involved in the lessons. UCF is only a ten minute drive, which saves me lots of petrol and the free parking is a bonus.  

The lecturers are always available to ask questions to, either in class or you can stay afterwards or send an email, which has been really helpful. What I like is that at the start of term/uni they told us their room number so if we ever needed to find them we could, which makes them available whenever.

The thing that surprised me the most about UCF is how quickly you get into the course, in comparison with other universities it takes a while to settle and takes ages to actually start the course but here you start pretty much straight away which I really liked.

I am going to be starting a MSc Psychology at University of Surrey in September and will also be starting an online Introduction to Counselling Skills course in the hope to become a counsellor for either children or adults.

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