Jordan – Music


Former Music student – Now studying Music Composition and Technology at the University for the Creative Arts 

My course at Farnborough taught me to really work well with others. A lot of the projects I do at uni and the projects you would generally do in the music industry involve working very closely with other people, whether on stage or behind the scenes. The course taught me how to work with a team. 

Studying in an environment where everyone had the same outlook and passion for the same subject as you was very helpful. Everyone had the same drive and motivation, and I think that’s why we worked so well together as a class and what we produced was so good. Working behind the scenes, live and on stage was great because we had such a close bond. It made playing with each other easier and more enjoyable.  

The best thing about studying at Farnborough was the friends I made, who I’m still friends with now. I am in a band with two of my classmates and some of my classmates went on to work in events and to other universities, and we still meet up to record songs.  

The content I was taught at college encouraged me to go on to uni. The teachers at the College were the best I’ve ever had. Without them I don’t think I would be at university. They showed me what I needed to do.  

The facilities were really good. I had access to the mixing rooms which we could use for our own ideas and projects. Being able to use Logic software, a professional-standard mixing desk and a huge live room just to share your ideas and bring them into reality was great.  

When I leave university what I’d love to do is play music live. My back up plan would be to work in music events.  

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