Lizzie – Graphics Design


Former Graphic Design Student – Now studying Illustration at Plymouth College of Art 

My course at Farnborough really helped me to get a hang of the software on the computers, it taught me some really valuable industry skills and my work experience helped me to develop skills working with clients.  

The best thing about studying at Farnborough was the classmates and the atmosphere. I came into a place where there were a group of people who wanted to learn the same things that I did and it made such an enriching environment for me to learn in. The tutors were great, they always supported me no matter what the issue was. The atmosphere in general was really good. 

The facilities are Farnborough were really good. The Macs were perfect, all the software was up-to-date. I also liked that we had access to specialist equipment, like the Riso printer. I hadn’t even heard of this type of equipment before I came to Farnborough but now it’s something I use at university and it’s one of my favourite parts of illustration.  

Most of the briefs we were given on the course were very open so I could put my own spin on them to be able to specialise in both illustration and graphic design. It’s helped me at uni because I’ve gone on to a course in illustration but I’ve also got skills in graphic design which I learned at college.  

I’d recommend Farnborough for the specialist skills you are taught. If you wanted to learn graphic design here it’s perfect. They have all the equipment, the tutors are super knowledgeable and helpful, the atmosphere is perfect for it. The tutors are also really good at helping you experiment, come out of your shell and find your feet in the area. I came out of the course having my own distinct style and interests in design.  

In the future I want to go into comic making and designing. I like the idea of creating concept art, but also album covers and book covers.  

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