Lucy – Access to Higher Education


Former Access to Allied Health Professions – Now going on to study Midwifery at the University of Surrey

I feel so very blessed that I have had such incredible teachers for my main subject areas. After speaking to friends on similar courses at different colleges they expressed how unsupported they have felt during their access course. I however have had the opposite experience. I feel all of my lectures have been so supportive, valuable and are an absolute wealth of knowledge! I know for certain my results would not have been as successful if I were to have had any other teachers. 

I thought the course was brilliant. I felt like I could go to every single one of the lecturers and they would always have the answer, whatever the question may be! I enjoyed studying with a similar group of people as a lot of the other students also had children. We’re still friends now and I know a few people from my course also going to the same university. 

The course content flowed nicely throughout the year. The lecturers had clearly thought about us because they started off with the basics and then gradually grew our knowledge overtime, rather than throwing us in the deep end. I hadn’t written an essay before and didn’t know how to refence, so doing an Access course definitely was the best thing to do to help me prepare for university.  

On my first day I was so nervous, as I was thinking I’m going to be a student again and I’m going to be taught at, but it’s really not like that at all. The lecturers are so knowledgeable yet friendly, it was such a great learning environment. The course offered a good work life balance and was very manageable with childcare. The lecturers were also very flexible in that they could start lessons after I dropped the kids off or wait until I arrived to start. 

I’m now going on to study Midwifery at the University of Surrey. 

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