Lucy – A Levels


Former A Levels Student (Biology, Chemistry, History) Went on to graduate from a degree in Biology from the University of Kent.

Studying A Levels really prepared me well for university. As I chose a degree in biology having studied biology at A Level was very useful and the course also ended up including a lot of chemistry so this helped a lot too. Having studied History at A Level was also good as it taught me how to structure essays which I had to do at uni too.   

The best thing about studying at Farnborough was the dedication to the students to ensure they were doing the best they could do. We always had extra lessons and revision sessions, even in holidays the staff would make themselves available to help. 

Studying A Levels here was amazing because it was very intimate. It was nice learning in a smaller group as there were more opportunities for one to one support. Every teacher knew exactly what they were doing and taught their subjects really well. I was taught methods that I used all the way through my degree and even now. I’d really recommend doing A Levels here. 

The facilities were amazing here. There were always computers free to work and places where you could wind down. Even though there were loads of students here you never noticed because you have your own area for your course. I loved the lab at college – all the equipment worked and there were never parts missing or broken. It was very organised. 

I’d recommend Farnborough particularly to anyone who feels like they need a push. I went to a different college before Farnborough and I felt very lost because it was so big. Where Farnborough is smaller you get a lot more one-to-one and help, and you get pushed to achieve. I got very good grades compared to what I thought I was capable of, and I don’t think I would have done that if I had not been given a push and told I could do better.  

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