Luke- Media Production


Former Creative Media Production student – Now working as a Freelancer in TV

I think the course offered a really clear insight into every depth of the industry, be it production management, to handling a camera, to knowing how to manage contributors. As much as you were working with your classmates, each and every one of them had a role which you now experience in the industry. It was really interesting, and it really prepared me for not only that, but also it actually prepared me for going to university to study [media] further. I think that is probably my biggest take away from the course.  

The best thing about studying at Farnborough was the wealth of resources that you had access to, be it the TV and Radio studios, or the kit store. The lecturers, many of whom have had a background in the industry, were also able to share their knowledge with you. It was really interesting to hear their experiences as here is what we’re studying, and then there’s someone who’s telling you how they implemented and used it in the industry. 

The support from the lecturers was fantastic; I came into college not really knowing what I wanted to do afterwards, and, with a bit of guidance, they said that university could be an option for me. They supported me through my applications, my choices and personal statement, and ultimately led me to getting the place I wanted to at the end of it.  

When I left Farnborough, I went up to Salford to study a degree in TV and radio production at the University of Salford. When I graduated, I started working on a range of television productions, including the Voice, Inside the Ambulance for the BBC, and the X Factor, to name a few! 

I would recommend Farnborough for its fantastic facilities, they are the best I’ve seen in the area, and the expert knowledge of the lecturers, many of whom have come from industry.  

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