Luke – IT


Former IT Student – Now working in the defence industry as a Software Engineer

In IT it’s really important to have the vocational experience in different areas because it’s so varied. There are so many different areas of IT and until you’ve experienced them you won’t know which one you like the most and which one you want to take further. It was great to study programming, software design and development, there was a lot of variety.  

The best thing about studying IT here was the environment I was in. The teachers were really experienced in their individual specialist subjects which meant they could offer lots of support. 

Studying at Farnborough gave me a lot of experience which helped me to go on to an apprenticeship after my college course. Some of the apprentices who did the same apprenticeship as me didn’t have the level of experience and understanding I had at that point, which I got from doing my college course at Farnborough.  

I was able to do lots of different units and got a wide understanding of IT. The best parts of the course are the ones that are hands-on. I had opportunities to do programming which I still use to this day in my industry. 

Following on from my college course, I gained a place on an Apprenticeship with BAE Systems as a Combat Systems Engineer. My course here helped me to gain a place, as when it came to the interview they were impressed that I had gained experience in all these different units. 

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