At Farnborough Sixth Form? There’s another way to get a degree…

Why not stay in Farnborough for your degree?

  • Save up to £5k a year by living at home (According to savethestudent.org living costs including renting and household bills can cost over £5k a year)
  • Graduate with a University of Surrey accredited degree
  • No need to quit your part-time job or hobbies
  • Stay close to your family and friends
  • Keep all of your home comforts
  • A cash bursary to help those eligible

Just 1.5 miles from the Sixth Form!

Using public transport? You can get discounted bus and train passes through us. Click to find out more.

Cydney – BA (Hons) Psychology and Criminology

– Former Farnborough Sixth Form Student

“I decided to stay closer to home as the thought of leaving home and moving far away for university was a bit of a daunting idea. It also seemed much easier to travel somewhere close and to save money. My travel has stayed the same and I drive to university and there’s free parking which is really helpful.

I took a gap year between college and university, so I visited all my friends at university, to see what it was like. After visiting them I realised I prefer to be closer to home where I have my social group and family close for support.”

Jessica – BA (Hons) Psychology and Sociology

– Former Farnborough Sixth Form Student

“The fact the course is just two years is such a bonus as it means I haven’t got to get a big student loan. I decided to do this also as I really want to save to get a house in future, and staying at home with all my home comforts has made concentrating on studying easier.

Studying closer to home has also allowed me to keep my job, this has enabled me to continue with my studies without getting distracted having to look for another one. ”

There's still time to apply for September, enrol today!
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