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Business and Administration: Career Map

Technical occupations: skilled occupations that a college leaver or an apprentice would be entering, that typically require qualifications at levels 2/3.

Management and Administration

Cluster: Administrator

Co‐ordination, management and delivery of specific business processes and also their direct provision to users.

  • Business Administrator
  • Contracts Administrator
  • Improvement Technician
  • Leisure Duty Manager
  • Library, Information & Archive Services Assistant
  • Public Sector Compliance Investigator/Officer
  • Public Service Operational Delivery Officer
  • Secretary/Personal Assistant
  • Team Leader/Supervisor

Human Resources

Cluster: Human Resources Administrator

Provision of largely transactional human resource services e.g. recruitment, HR administration, rewards and recognition, training and development, etc.

  • HR Support
  • Learning & Development Practitioner
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Recruitment Resourcer

Higher Technical occupations: require more knowledge and skills acquired through experience in the workplace or further technical education. They typically require qualifications at levels 4/5.

Management and Administration

Cluster: Business Manager

Lead and manage a project (business/process improvement), business support services and/or run a practice using the full range of business systems, procedures and accounting practice. Includes the ability to set‐up and develop a new business.

  • Associate Project Manager
  • Business Improvement Manager
  • Business Support Manager
  • Community Energy Specialist
  • Dental Practice Manager
  • Improvement Practitioner
  • Improvement Specialist
  • Information Manager
  • Junior Management Consultant
  • Operations/Departmental Manager
  • Policy Officer
  • Regulatory Compliance Officer
  • Revenues & Welfare Benefits Practitioner
  • School Business Professional

Human Resources

Cluster: Human Resources Manager

Management of routine human resource services, usually with specific expertise in a human resource discipline e.g. equality and diversity, training and development, employee representation. Significant problem solving is core to these occupations.

  • Coaching Professional
  • Employability Practitioner
  • Equality & Diversity Officer
  • HR Consultant/Partner
  • Core HR: HR Operations, Organisational Development, Resourcing, Total Reward
  • Learning & Development Consultant/Business Partner
  • Trade Union Official

Professional occupations: occupations where there is a clear career progression from higher technical occupations, as well as those occupations where a degree apprenticeship exists.

Management and Administration

Cluster: Management Professional

Leader of a business process and/or unit requiring the ability to analyse and improve complex business‐wide processes and risks. Also includes the ability to provide a full range of company legal and financial knowledge relevant to running a company.

  • Business Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst
  • Chartered Manager (degree)
  • Company Secretary
  • Improvement Leader
  • Integrated Higher Education Professional
  • Management Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Project Manager (degree)
  • Senior Leaders Masters Degree
  • Systems Thinking Practitioner

Human Resources

Cluster: Human Resources Professional

Provision of high level human resource advice and leadership across an organisation combined with the ability to define strategic and operational organisation‐wide human resource challenges and to develop lasting solutions.

  • Arbitration Professional
  • Career Development Professional
  • HR Strategic Leader
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