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Construction: Career Map

Technical occupations: skilled occupations that a college leaver or an apprentice would be entering, that typically require qualifications at levels 2/3.

Design, Surveying and Planning

Cluster: Design and Surveying Technician
Design, analyse, plan for site engineering and construction projects. Specialisms are common (e.g. rail infrastructure, asbestos management). Significant capability in the use of IT/digital technology, data collection, analysis and presentation.

  • Asbestos Analyst/Surveyor
  • Building Services Design Technician
  • Civil Engineering Technician
  • Digital Engineering Technician
  • Fall Protection Technician
  • Geospatial Survey Technician
  • Railway Engineering Design Technician
  • Surveying Technician

Onsite Construction

Cluster: Core Building Tradesperson
Able to use of a range of building materials (wood, brick, block, stone etc.) to construct part/whole structures and also those which are needed to finish a structure (e.g. paint and decorate). Work across domestic through to infrastructure projects and covers both routine and complex work elements. Interprets drawings, contracts, and specifications. Has knowledge of building methods and materials including heritage ones and knowledge of appropriate regulations.

  • Advanced Carpentry & Joinery:
    • Advanced Architectural Joiner
    • Advanced Site Carpenter
  • Bricklayer
  • Building Repair & Refurbishment Operative
  • Carpentry & Joiner:
    • Architectural Joiner
    • Site Carpenter
  • Construction Assembly Technician
  • Curtain Wall Installer
  • Fenestration Installer
  • Fencing Installer
  • Floorlayer
  • Formworker
  • Heritage Carpenter & Joiner
  • In Situ Flooring Operative
  • Interior Systems Operative
  • Mastic Asphalter
  • Military Engineering Construction Technician:
    • Bricklayer & Concreter
    • Building & Structural Finisher
    • Carpenter & Joiner
  • Painter & Decorator
  • Plasterer
    • Fibrous Plastering
    • Solid Plastering
  • Roofer
  • Steeplejack
  • Thatcher
  • Wall & Floor Tiler

Cluster: Construction Operative/Supervisor
Use of heavy plant and equipment on surface construction sites and also specialist sites e.g. highways, tunnelling. Also the ability to undertake specialist construction work e.g. handling insulation, asbestos. Interprets drawings, plans and specifications along with methods and risk

  • Asbestos Removal Operative
  • Construction Plant Operative
  • Commercial Thermal Insulation Operative
  • Demolition Operative
  • Highways Maintenance
  • Skilled Operative
  • Highways Maintenance Supervisor
  • Hire Controller (Plant, Tools & Equipment)
  • Industrial Coatings Applicator
  • Industrial Thermal Insulation Technician
  • Road Surfacing Operative
  • Tramway Construction Operative
  • Tunnelling Operative

Cluster: Metal and Steel Operative
Fabricate, assemble and erect steel components for on-site building projects. Interprets drawings, plans, specifications and other information. Also has additional capability as regards access and lifting.

  • Metal Decking Installer
  • Scaffolder
  • Steel Fixer
  • Structural Steelwork Erector
  • Structural Steelwork Fabricator

Cluster: Construction Specialist Operative/Technician
Prepare and operate specialist on‐site plant and equipment for lifting, pile driving, and pipe laying.

  • Damp Control & Timber Preservation Operative
  • Engineering Construction Erector/Rigger
  • Engineering Construction Pipefitter
  • Groundworker
  • Lifting Technician:
    • Crawler Crane Technician
    • Mobile Crane Technician
    • Tower Crane Technician
  • Lightning Protection Operative
  • Piling Attendant

Building Services Engineering

Cluster: Building Services Engineering Operative/Technician
Design, plan, assemble, install, house, commission, test, maintain, service and repair of all forms of a buildings’ emergency, security and utility systems.

  • Building Services Engineering Craftsperson
  • Building Services Engineering Ductwork Craftsperson
  • Building Services Engineering Ductwork Installer
  • Building Services Engineering Installer
  • Building Services Engineering Service & Maintenance Engineer
  • Building Services Engineering Ventilation Hygiene Technician
  • Dual Fuel Smart Meter Installer
  • Electrical, Electronic Product Service & Installation Engineer
  • Fire, Emergency & Security Systems Technician:
    • Fire
    • Fire & Emergency Lighting
    • Fire & Security
    • Security
  • Gas Engineering
  • Installation Electrician/Maintenance Electrician
  • Plumbing & Domestic Heating Technician:
    • Environmental Technologies
    • Fossil Fuel
    • Natural Gas
    • Fossil Fuel ‐ Oil
    • Fossil Fuel ‐ Solid Fuel
  • Powered Pedestrian Door Installer & Service Engineer
  • Refrigeration, Air Conditioning & Heat Pump Engineering
  • Technician
  • Smart Home Technician

Cluster: Utilities Installation and Maintenance Operative/Technician
Install, exchange, commission and maintain metering systems, appliances, lighting and other road‐based utilities.

  • Highway Electrical Maintenance & Installation Operative
  • Highway Electrician/Service Operative
  • Wireless Communications Rigger

Cluster: Facilities Management Operative/Supervisor
Manage and maintain (planned and reactive) a building’s mechanisms and systems across electrical, plumbing, plant, safety systems and other equipment.

  • Facilities Services Operative
  • Facilities Management Supervisor
  • Junior Energy Manager
  • Multi Skilled Maintenance & Repair Operative Property Maintenance Operative
  • Property Maintenance Operative

Higher Technical occupations: require more knowledge and skills acquired through experience in the workplace or further technical education. They typically require qualifications at levels 4/5.

Design, Surveying and Planning

Cluster: Design and Surveying Advanced Technician
Identify and monitor client requirements, H&S risks, regulatory compliance, environmental impact , build quality, co‐ordinate information and manage build costs.

  • Acoustics Technician
  • Construction Design & Build Technician
  • Construction Site Engineering Technician
  • Construction Surveying Technician
  • Landscape Assistant

Onsite Construction

Cluster: Construction Site Supervisor
Decide on construction methods and materials, project management approach and systems, quality monitoring, cost and resource management.

  • BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems)
  • Controls Engineer
  • Construction Contracts Manager
  • Construction Site Supervisor

Building Services Engineering

Cluster: Building Services Engineering Technician
Design and supervise the installation of building services during construction.

  • Building Services Engineering Technician

Cluster: Facilities Manager
Manage the services for a building including maintenance and repair.

  • Facilities Manager

Professional occupations: occupations where there is a clear career progression from higher technical occupations, as well as those occupations where a degree apprenticeship exists.

Design, Surveying and Planning

Cluster: Design and Surveying Professional
Building/structure design, research, commercial cost management, contracts management with a wide range of knowledge of current technology developments and options, contracts, procurement and tracking. Consults with clients to determine functional and spatial requirements of new or renovated structures.

  • Architect (degree)
  • Architectural Assistant (degree)
  • Building Control Surveyor (degree)
  • Building Services Design Engineer
  • Chartered Building Services Design Engineer
  • Chartered Surveyor (degree)
  • Chartered Town Planner (degree)
  • Civil Engineer (degree)
  • Civil Engineering Site Management (degree)
  • Construction Design Management (degree)
  • Construction Quantity Surveyor (degree)
  • Geospatial Mapping & Science (degree)
  • Landscape Professional

Onsite Construction

Cluster: Construction Professional
Manage whole building projects covering HSE, quality, commercial and legal contracts, problem solving and finding innovative solutions.

  • Construction Site Management

Building Services Engineering

Cluster: Building Services Engineering Professional
Design and install buildings service systems based on agreed client specification undertaken during a building’s construction.

  • Building Services Engineering Site Management (degree)
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