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Engineering, Manufacturing and Process: Career Map

Technical occupations: skilled occupations that a college leaver or an apprentice would be entering, that typically require qualifications at levels 2/3.

Engineering, Manufacturing and Process

Cluster: Fabrication and Welding Operative/Technician
Make products and plant by cutting, forming, jointing and shaping of materials.

  • Fenestration Fabricator
  • General Welder (Arc Processes)
  • Metal Fabricator
  • Multi‐Positional Welder (Arc Processes)
  • Pipe Welder
  • Plate Welder

Cluster: Manufacturing and Process Operative/Technician
Assemble and construct complex engineering products.

  • Advanced Furniture CNC Technician
  • Advanced Upholsterer
  • Bespoke Furniture Maker
  • Boat Builder
  • Composites Technician
  • Electrical Maintenance
  • Engineering Fitter
  • Furniture Manufacturer
  • Bed Manufacturer
  • Fitted Furniture Installer
  • Foam Converter & Upholstery Cushion Interior Manufacturer
  • Furniture CNC Specialist
  • Furniture Finisher
  • Furniture Restorer
  • General Furniture Manufacturer
  • Modern Furniture Service Repairer
  • Modern Upholsterer
  • Wood Machinist
  • Heritage Engineering Technician
  • Aviation Technicians
  • Coach‐building & Trim Technicians
  • Marine Technicians
  • Steam (Boiler‐smith) Technicians
  • Vehicle Mechanical Technicians
  • Wood Product Manufacturing Operative (2)

Cluster: Plant Operative/Technician
Operate plant and equipment for a part/sub process.

  • Mineral & Construction Product Sampling & Testing Operations
  • Mineral Processing General Site Operative
  • Mineral Processing Mobile & Static Plant Operator
  • Mineral Processing Weighbridge Operator
  • Nuclear Operative
  • Nuclear Decommissioning Operative
  • Nuclear Process Operative

Cluster: Food and Science Manufacturing Operative/Technician
Operate semi‐automated and automated plant and equipment to equipment to manufacture food and chemical products.

  • Abattoir Worker
  • Advanced Baker
  • Food & Drink Advanced Process Operator
  • Food & Drink Process Operator
  • Science Manufacturing Process Operative
  • Science Manufacturing Technician

Cluster: Manufacturing Operative
Routine assembly of manufactured products.

  • Castings, Foundry & Patternmaking Operative
  • Fashion & Textiles Pattern Cutter
  • Footwear Manufacturer
  • Glass Manufacturing Operator
  • Batch & Furnace Operator
  • Flat Glass Process Operator
  • Hot End Machine Operator
  • Glass Processor
  • Gunsmith
  • Lean Manufacturing Operative
  • Inspection/Quality Assurance
  • Logistics/Material Handling
  • Production Processing/Finishing
  • Production/Assembly
  • Metal Castings, Foundry & Patternmaking Technician
  • Foundry Material & Process Control Technician
  • Foundry Post Casting Technician
  • Foundry Production Technician
  • Inspection and Quality Assurance Technician
  • Metal Casting Furnace & Ladle Technician
  • Methods Development Technician
  • Pattern & Model Making Technician
  • Sewing Machinist
  • Textile Care Operative
  • Commercial Laundry
  • Dry/Wet Cleaning
  • Textile Manufacturing Operative

Cluster: Print and Packaging Operative/Technician
Operate complex manufacture of printed matter and packaged goods.

  • Packaging Technician
  • Papermaker
  • Print Technician
  • Pre‐Press Technician
  • Press Technician
  • Post‐Press Technician

Higher Technical occupations: require more knowledge and skills acquired through experience in the workplace or further technical education. They typically require qualifications at levels 4/5.

Engineering, Manufacturing and Process

Cluster: Fabrication and Welding Technologist
Detail to be added.

  • Fabrication Technologist
  • Welding Technologist

Cluster: Manufacturing, Plant and Process Technologist
Develop and improve technology of the manufacturing plant and equipment for a whole process.

  • Advanced Dairy Technologist
  • Brewer
  • Engineering Services Manager
  • Fashion & Textiles Product Technologist
  • Food & Drink Engineer
  • Mineral Products Technician
  • Asphalt & Pavements
  • Cement & Cementitious Products
  • Clays (Heavy & White)
  • Concrete (Readymix & Precast/Prestressed)
  • Mineral Extraction
  • Nuclear Technician
  • Nuclear Welding Inspection Technician (NWIT)
  • Process Development Technician
  • Process Leader
  • Technical Service Manager
  • Textile Technical Specialist

Cluster: Print and Packaging Technologist
Develop and apply new and improve existing technologies for print and packaging manufacturing.

  • Packaging Technologist

Professional occupations: occupations where there is a clear career progression from higher technical occupations, as well as those occupations where a degree apprenticeship exists.

Engineering, Manufacturing and Process

Cluster: Manufacturing Engineer
Introduce complex technologies into the manufacturing
environment and improve manufacturing technologies.

  • Manufacturing Engineer (degree)
  • Manufacturing Manager (degree)
  • Ordnance, Munitions & Explosives (OME) Professional (degree)

Cluster: Plant and Process Engineer
Develop and improve the operation and development of whole manufacturing processes and systems and enable them to operate safely and efficiently.

  • Nuclear Reactor Desk Engineer
  • Nuclear Scientist & Nuclear Engineer (degree)
  • Materials Process Engineer
  • Process Automation Engineer (degree)
  • Science Industry Process/Plant Engineer (degree)

Cluster: Print and Packaging Engineer

  • Packaging Professional (degree)
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