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Health and Science: Career Map

Technical occupations: skilled occupations that a college leaver or an apprentice would be entering, that typically require qualifications at levels 2/3.


Cluster: Cluster: Health Assistant

Provide direct patient contact and caring undertaking routine well defined clinical duties.

  • Ambulance Support Worker (Emergency, Urgent & Non‐Urgent) (3)
  • Dental Nurse (3)
  • Healthcare Support Worker (2)
  • Senior Healthcare Support Worker (3):
  • Adult Nursing Support
  • Allied Health Professional
  • Therapy Support
  • Children & Young People
  • Maternity Support
  • Mental Health Support
  • Theatre Support

Healthcare Science

Cluster: Healthcare Science Assistant

Provide technical and science‐based support to patients delivering testing, diagnosis, monitoring services etc. of a low risk, routine nature and also the manufacture of appliances and devices.

  • Clinical Coder
  • Dental Laboratory Assistant
  • Healthcare Science Assistant
  • Optical Assistant
  • Prosthetic & Orthotic Technician

Cluster: Pharmacy Science Assistant

Order, prepare and dispense medicines under direct supervision.

  • Pharmacy Services Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician


Cluster: Science Technician

Provide routine and non‐routine laboratory testing, experimenting and support to a research brief.

  • Animal Technologist
  • Bioinformatics Technician
  • Cell Biology/Microbiology Technician
  • Chemoinformatics Technician
  • Environmental Technician
  • Food Technologist
  • Laboratory Technician
  • Metrology Technician
  • Quality Assurance Technician

Community Exercise, Physical Activity, Sport and Health

Cluster: Exercise, Fitness and Health Assistant

Initiate behaviour change and performance improvement to achieve a series of health and fitness goals for an individual or community. Usually working one‐to‐one or small groups.

  • Community Activator Coach
  • Community Sport & Health Officer
  • Equine Athlete
  • Leisure Team Member
  • Outdoor Activity Instructor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Sporting Excellence Professional
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union

Higher Technical occupations: require more knowledge and skills acquired through experience in the workplace or further technical education. They typically require qualifications at levels 4/5.


Cluster: Health Practitioner

Provide direct patient contact and high quality care with in‐depth knowledge of the factors influencing health and ill‐health using specialist expertise.

  • Associate Ambulance Practitioner
  • Associate Continuing Healthcare Practitioner
  • Dental Hygiene Therapist
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Dental Therapist
  • Health & Wellbeing Leader
  • Health Play Specialist
  • Healthcare Assistant Practitioner (5) Healthcare Play Specialist
  • Hearing Aid Dispenser
  • Mammography Associate
  • Mental Health Practitioner (
  • Child & Adolescent
  • Nursing Associate
  • Oral Health Practitioner
  • Orthodontic Therapist
  • Rehabilitation Worker (Visual Impairment)

Healthcare Science

Cluster: Healthcare Science Practitioner

Provide technical and science‐based diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring services in support of patient care working largely unsupervised and also the manufacture of appliances and devices using specialist medical expertise.

  • Clinical Dental Technician
  • Dental Technician
  • Healthcare Science Associate
  • Sterile Services Technician

Cluster: Clinical Analyst

Analyse and code medical studies and treatments designed to measure the effectiveness of a treatment regimes, drug programmes, medical device or process used in the human body.

  • Clinical Data Manager
  • Health Informatician

Cluster: Pharmacy Technician

Manage the supply of medicines in community and hospital settings and provide advice to patients.


Cluster: Science Advanced Technician

Provide laboratory‐based investigative and scientific experimentation analyses, interpretations and evaluations of scientific information.

  • Food Testing/Laboratory Manager
  • Forensic Collision Investigator
  • Laboratory Scientist
  • Analytical Science
  • Chemical science
  • Life Sciences
  • Senior Metrology Technician
  • Technician Scientist

Community Exercise, Physical Activity, Sport and Health

Cluster: Exercise, Fitness and Health Specialist

Develop and deliver programmes which significantly enhance the performance of an individual or team.

Professional occupations: occupations where there is a clear career progression from higher technical occupations, as well as those occupations where a degree apprenticeship exists.


Cluster: Health Professional

Provide direct patient contact along with high quality diagnosis and care working independently and with other health professionals.

  • Advanced Clinical Practitioner
  • Advanced Forensic Practitioner (Custody or Sexual Offence)
  • Arts Therapist
  • Children & Adolescent Mental Health Practitioner
  • Clinical Associate Psychologist (degree)
  • Diagnostic Radiographer (degree)
  • Dietitian (degree)
  • Environmental Health Practitioner
  • Occupational Therapist (degree)
  • Orthoptist
  • Paramedic (degree)
  • Physicians Associate (degree)
  • Physiotherapist (degree)
  • Podiatrist (degree)
  • Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner
  • Public Health Practitioner
  • Sonographer (degree)
  • Speech & Language Therapist (degree)
  • Therapeutic Radiographer (degree)

Cluster: Midwifery and Nursing Professional

Assess, plan, implement and evaluate patient care in multiple settings with specialist expertise often working independently.

  • District Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Registered Nurse (degree)
  • Specialist Community & Public Health Nurse

Healthcare Science

Cluster: Healthcare Science Professional

Provide direct patient contact along with high quality diagnosis and care working independently and with other health professionals.

  • Audiologist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Biomedical Scientist
  • Blood Scientist
  • Cardiac Physiologist
  • Clinical Pharmacology Scientist
  • Clinical Trials Specialist (degree)
  • Dispensing Optician
  • Genetic Scientist
  • Healthcare Science Practitioner (degree)
  • Infection Scientist
  • Neurophysiologist
  • Operating Department Practitioner (degree)
  • Prosthetics/Orthotics degree
  • Radiation Physicist
  • Radiotherapy Physicist
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist (degree)
  • Renal Technologist
  • Respiratory & Sleep Physiologist

Cluster: Pharmacy Professional

Use medical expertise to provide extensive health advice to patients.

  • Pharmacist


Cluster: Science Professional

Define and lead science‐based research projects to derive academic and applied information of value.

  • Biochemist
  • Bioinformatics Scientist
  • Biologist
  • Chemist
  • Food Industry Technical Professional (degree)
  • Food Safety Director
  • Laboratory Scientist (degree)
  • Physicist
  • Research Scientist

Community Exercise, Physical Activity, Sport and Health

Cluster: Exercise, Fitness and Health Professional

Lead and manage health professionals delivering entire health programmes usually with expertise in physical activity prescription, programme creation and delivery.

  • Sports Psychologist
  • Sports Rehabilitator
  • Sports Scientist
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