Careers Programme: Term 1

Your guide to careers activities taking place in the first term. Use the arrows at the top of each column to toggle which courses are involved with each activity.

Careers Programme: Term 1

Level 1, 2, and ESOL

Level 3
(Year 1)

Level 3
(Year 2) & Access to HE

Apprentices and Work-based Learners

Higher and Adult Education

How this happens

Receive introduction from College Careers Adviser

'Swap, don't drop' - if you're having second thoughts about your course choice - talk to our Careers Adviser about changing pathway

All students emailed the option to talk to a Careers Adviser

Explore the careers your course can lead to

Links to Career Pathway feature on college website and other online resources sent direct to students

Start sourcing an employer for your work placement (if part of your course)

Students invited by email and via tutorials to workshops held by Careers Adviser

Considering a part-time job? Visit our Online Jobs Board for local vacancies in time for Christmas-based roles

Jobs Board is advertised through social media, via the College website, through tutorials, and via email

Attend talks on alternatives to university, higher apprenticeships, gap years, and employment options

Shared with students in tutorials and via student bulletin emails

Create your UCAS account in preparation for university applications

Tutors show students how to do this in tutorials

Visit talks/workshops on writing Personal Statements for UCAS university applications

Shared with students in tutorials and via student bulletin emails

Draft a Personal Statement and get feedback from your tutor - deadline is in mid-November

Shared and arranged through tutor

Research admissions tests if needed (for example; Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary all have early deadlines)

Shared and arranged through tutor

If looking for a higher education apprenticeship, look for opportunities opening up between September and January - get your application in on time!

Students reminded via email and tutorials

There's still time to apply for September!Browse courses
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