Careers Programme: Term 2

Your guide to careers activities taking place in the second term. Use the arrows at the top of each column to toggle which courses are involved with each activity.

Careers Programme: Term 2

Level 1, 2, and ESOL

Level 3
(Year 1)

Level 3
(Year 2) & Access to HE

Apprentices and Work-based Learners

Higher and Adult Education

How this happens

Attend talks from careers adviser on career options

Invites sent via email and tutorials

Farnborough Futures Fair: look at your options for progressing to another course at Farnborough with staff, and meet employers at our embedded Careers Fair

Invites sent via email and tutorials. Fair held in early March

Explore your options for progressing to an Apprenticeship through our talks and events during National Apprenticeship Week

Students attend talks and access resources related to apprenticeships

Talk to your tutor about your progression plan - what will you do after this course?

Tutors will approach each student to explore their options

Research university open days and attend

Students sent links to UCAS open day listings via email and reminded during tutorial

Interested in higher level apprenticeships? Research which employers offer these with support from our Careers Adviser

All students reminded of how to access Careers Advice and online resources

Are your work placement plans coming together? Talk to our Careers Adviser if you are unsure

All students reminded of how to access Careers Advice

Attend talks/workshops on applying to university via Clearing/Adjustment

Students invited through email and tutorials

If applying to university, start responding to any offers you have been made by universities. Make time to attend interviews at universities

Students emailed directly by UCAS

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