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  • BA (Hons) Degree in Media Production (Documentary) (Awarded by the University of Surrey)

    Our philosophy, which is endorsed by the Media Industries, is that you will be best prepared for a career if you can develop and demonstrate the necessary technical skills of documentary production as well as a creative understanding of the theories and concepts of the industry. This course provides you with the key production skills for documentary production and options to develop skills in other areas of the media, something which is very important in a multi-skilled and multi-media world.

    This course allows you to focus on documentary production, whilst at the same time not losing sight of other important areas of the media. In the first year you will take 5 core subjects which build up your production and academic skills, along with specific modules in documentary production. You will also choose 2 additional strands of media to study. You can choose from Television, Radio and Film.

    Year two further develops your documentary production and creative skills, focussing on representing people in documentary, reality within documentary and ethics. In addition you will develop your entrepreneurial and marketing skills in preparation for seeking employment after the course, as well as a choice from optional units in radio, film and television.

    In year three you complete a major project which gives you the freedom to develop your own documentary production, core documentary industry modules, as well as completing an additional specialist professional documentary production module.


    Site: Farnborough Campus Mode: Full Time Duration: 3 Years
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