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About this course

Our philosophy, which is endorsed by the Media Industries, is that you will be best prepared for a career if you can develop and demonstrate the necessary technical skills of media production as well as a creative understanding of the theories and concepts of the communication industries. This course provides a broad skill based approach across a range of media. 

Some modules are available via Online Attendance.

This course allows you to make choices to create the programme that best suits you. In the first year you will take 4 core subjects which build up your production and academic skills. You will also choose 4 from 6 strands of media to study. You can choose from Television Production, Radio Production, Film Production and Documentary Production.

Year two further develops your production and creative skills, focussing on three stands of the media. You will also develop your entrepreneurial and marketing skills in preparation for seeking employment after the course.

In year three you complete a major project which is geared to your particular area of interest. You also choose two strands of the media for your final practical and creative skills development.


£2,000 Bursary

A limited number of £2,000 cash bursaries are available to eligible new undergraduates in their first year. Find out if you are eligible and how to apply on our Finance webpage.


Fee Per Year £8000

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If you have any questions about this course then please contact us by phone on 01252 40 55 55 or message us.

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Studies include

What modules are covered?

Year 1 Modules
• Text, Codes and Structures, Production Skills 1, Production Skills 2, Academic Studies.
• Television, Radio, Film and Documentary.

Year 2 Modules
• Media and Society, Entrepreneurial Practice.
• Six from Radio (Factual), Radio (Studio), Film (Visual Expression), Film (Performance & Sound), Documentary (Portraiture), (Investigating Reality), Television (News), Television (OB)

Year 3 Modules
• Research for the Project, Global Media, Critical Analysis of Media Products, The Project, Professional Investigation.
• Two from Television, Radio, Film and Documentary.

How will I be assessed?

A wide range of assessment methods are used in this programme, which have been chosen to suit the subject material being taught. The range of assessment methods you will experience will give you the confidence and capability to complete an Honours degree and progress further in your career. Your Tutor will be on hand to provide support during the assessment process and discuss any queries you may have. The range of assessment methods used in this programme includes:

• Assessed practical work
• Assessed coursework / assignments
• Formal examination
• Practical examination
• Project report
• Project presentation
• Formative assessment through assignment work feedback

Professional Recognition
Graduates of media from University Centre Farnborough are widely recognised by industry in terms of their employability, professionalism and ability to cope with the demands of working in the creative media industries. Students achieving degrees are employed across a wide range of media sectors at many of the largest and most respected organisations in the UK.


Programme Structure

The structure of our programmes follows educational aims that are tailored to each programme. These are all outlined in the Programme Specification documents found under our Quality Assurance page, including further details such as the learning outcomes.

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What Next?

University Centre Farnborough is committed to delivering programmes that enhance the employability of our students by equipping them with the essential skills valued by employers. The College has always had a strong vocational and professional focus, effective links with industry and employs a range of strategies to ensure that our graduates are ready to enter the world of work.

Other information
The skills you learn will enable you to turn your ideas into creative and innovative projects and productions. You will develop your ability to work in groups, both as part of a team and leading a team. The skills you gain (depending on your choice of modules) will include cinematography, editing, lighting, scriptwriting, directing, producing, news, magazine programmes, drama, documentary, radio, writing journalistic copy and web/social media skills. In your final year you will produce your own major project. During this course you will be working in a professional environment developing your skills in a dedicated multi-camera TV studio, video editing suites, newsrooms and radio studios. The course has strong links with the industry and you will be supported by tutors who are currently working within the media. On completion of the course you will have developed production skills, knowledge of professional practice and an academic understanding of media production.

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Entry Requirements

What is the entry process?

You can apply for this higher education course in the following ways:

  • Via the UCAS website. Visit www.ucas.com and browse the courses available under 'University Centre Farnborough'. 
  • Directly to University Centre Farnborough via the button on this webpage. Applications take around 15 minutes and are free of charge. You can apply to us direct at any time in the year (including after the UCAS deadline). Applications of this type are seperate to the UCAS system, which means you could also apply for more than the five universities that UCAS allows.

What previous qualifications and experience will I need?

72 UCAS points from full Level 3 in relevant subject(s). Relevant evidence of work experience and CPD and successful interview. A satisfactory reference is required.

UCAS Code: HP63

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I currently work for a TV and Film production company based in Oxford which covers all areas of production, and distributes across multiple platforms including Amazon Fire TV. I focus on the production side, directing some projects and filming the majority of the live action projects. When I was a student at Farnborough, I was able to put together a showreel, which helped me secure my current job - the varied and good quality projects I produced while studying were the determining factor for the Creative Director to hire me!

I chose Farnborough because I wanted to make films and the course allowed me to do that. My tutors helped build my knowledge of all aspects of Media Production. I finished up with a well rounded knowledge of the production process. I enjoyed the respect and discourse I was able to build with my tutors - they were supportive and gave moments of inspiration when needed. I've gone on to work with a few of them since I graduated as well!


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