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About this course

This qualification is aimed at you if you see yourself becoming a pastry chef. This qualification is focussed on achieving the requirements around the patisserie and confectionary side with an emphasis on advanced skills. You might have progressed from achieving a Level 1 qualification, but this is not a requirement.

Who is this programme for?

This qualification is intended for patissiers, pastry cooks and other professional catering roles. This qualification is also an ideal starting point for anyone who enjoys baking and wishes to develop their skills and knowledge to a high standard.


Tuition £580
Registration £41

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If you have any questions about this course then please contact us by phone on 01252 40 55 55 or message us.

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Studies include

How will I be taught?

You will develop your skills through a wide range of practical activities within our training kitchens, and will produce hot and cold desserts, breads and cake products in our Gallery Restaurant.

What modules are covered?

Course Module 1 - Produce hot and cold desserts and puddings


Cold dessert: gelatine-based desserts, egg based desserts, mousses, rice desserts, fruit based desserts, ice cream based desserts, meringue based desserts, convenience products. 

Hot desserts and puddings: beignets, soufflés, sponge based desserts, milk puddings, egg based desserts, cereal desserts, suet paste desserts, hot fruit puddings, batter based desserts. 


Complete a short answer question paper. 

Course Module 2: Produce paste products


Short crust pastry, sweet pastry, puff pastry, convenience pastry, choux pastry


Complete a short answer question paper.

Course Module 3 - Produce biscuits, cake and sponge products


Biscuits: biscuit à la cuillère, shortbread, cookies, langue du chat, sable a la poche, tuile. 

Cakes: Scones, fruitcake, muffins, Madeira cakes, chocolate cakes.

Sponges: Genoese sponge, Swiss roll. 


Complete a short answer question paper.

Course Module 4 - Produce fermented dough products


Bread roll, loaves, bun dough, naan bread, focaccia, pitta, pizza, doughnuts, soda bread.


Complete a short answer question paper.


Throughout the year you will have to complete four individual assessments which are: 

  • Fruit based, gelatine set dessert
  • Sweet pastry item
  • Choux pastry item 
  • Bun dough item 

Synoptic Assessment:

This is a final practical exam and will take place in May and will take 3 hours in total. 

  • Sponge based item
  • Hot pudding 
  • Biscuit item 
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What Next?

On successful completion of this course you will be able to progress onto the Level 3 Certificate/Diploma in Professional Patisserie and Confectionary.

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Entry Requirements

What previous qualifications and experience will I need?

You might have progressed from achieving a Level 1 qualification but this is not an entry requirement.

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Start Dates

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