Level 3 IT Solutions Technician

Level 3 IT Solutions Technician

Course Code: APIST Duration: 1.5 Years Attendance: Apprenticeship Location: Farnborough Campus Start Date: 04/09/2023    


About the course

The Level 3 IT Solutions Technician undertakes duties across the complete IT solution. Typical job roles include IT Support Analyst, IT Technical Support, IT Systems Support  or other similar roles.

What will I study?

This apprenticeship has specialism options:

  • IT Hardware Solutions
  • IT Software Solutions

IT Solutions Technicians undertake duties across the complete IT solution, working on the team’s core activities so all apprentices take a common core and then choose one of two options. In the role, you will work to develop, implement and maintain complete IT solutions, including their hardware infrastructure (such as servers and networks) and software (such as operating systems, middleware and applications). 

An IT Solutions Technician applies a professional methodology or framework to gather and analyse requirements; to design, develop, test, and implement IT solutions and to provide ongoing support both directly to end users and for the underlying IT services. The specific tasks undertaken vary depending on what needs to be achieved by the team at any particular time. Some tasks may be very technical, others may be more analytical, business or user focused.

Duty options:

IT Hardware Solutions Technicians undertake activities in the area of the infrastructure aspects of solutions such as servers and networks (fixed or mobile) Or IT Software Solutions Technicians undertake activities in the area of applications and supporting components such as databases.

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Your course

What modules are covered?

  • The apprenticeship is made up of Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours (KSBs).
  • Knowledge is taught within college, one day every week, typically a Monday.
  • Skills are taught within the workplace.
  • End point assessment is the final stage of your apprenticeship and you must pass this to achieve your apprenticeship. It is the chance to show the KSBs you have gained throughout your apprenticeship.
  • You will need to generate a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate these KSBs.      
  • You will be taught about expected behaviours for the industry and general employment.

All IT Solution Technicians will study the following core elements:

  • Applies a professional methodology or framework in their work tasks.
  • Executes appropriate due diligence, including formal testing or validation
  • Applies a range of technical IT skills, including: accessing remote systems; file manipulation; file editing, changing system or application settings; system administration; setting up and upgrading components (infrastructure or software);
  • Operates in line with organisational polices, standards, legislation, security requirements, professional ethics, privacy and confidentiality; and understands escalation policies.
  • Creates and maintains documentation in accordance with best practice, organisational guidance and legislation.
  • Identifies appropriate technical solutions using both logical and creative thinking.
  • Diagnoses and understands client requirements and problems using sound analytical and problem solving skills
  • Communicates effectively in a variety of situations including formal and informally both within their team and externally.
  • Operates securely across all their areas of responsibility, in line with organisational guidance and legislation


  • Works professionally and independently, taking responsibility and initiative as appropriate
  • Demonstrates standard business courtesies and professional ethics in how they work
  • Demonstrates a productive and organised approach to their work
  • Works effectively with customers, clients and users.

Specialism Options

In addition to the core, an IT Solution Technician will do ONE of the following two options:

IT Hardware Solutions Technicians

  • Works at any stage of the hardware solution lifecycle.
  • Undertakes maintenance of a range of contemporary or legacy hardware solutions to required levels of service.
  • Installs and configures basic hardware system components, networks and devices (including servers, end-user computers, and mobile devices, whether physical or virtual) as required.
  • Demonstrates safe application of the concepts of Electro Static Discharge (ESD) and meets appropriate health and safety standards when working with hardware

IT Software Solutions Technicians

  • Works at any stage of the software solution lifecycle.
  • Undertakes maintenance of a range of contemporary or legacy software solutions to required levels of service.
  • Installs and configures software system components including virtualised components where appropriate.
  • Writes or maintains simple scripts or code.
  • Can search and manipulate different types of data sources, including both structured and unstructured.

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Your future

What Next?

Apprenticeships are a proven way of increasing staff retention and productivity. 92% of employers who employ apprentices believe that Apprenticeships lead to a more motivated and satisfied workforce. Apprenticeships enable employers to recruit and train the employees to meet the specific needs of their business.

On successful completion of this course students can progress onto a Level 4 programme.

Entry Requirements

What previous qualifications and experience will I need?

The entry criteria are you must be 16 and over with GCSEs maths and English A*-C or 9-4 or equivalent.

For further Information, please contact the apprenticeships team on 01252 407299.

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