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Career and Employers Day: 4 March 2020

Meet your Future Workforce!

Following the success of previous events, we are once again giving our students the opportunity to meet local employers at our Career and Employers Day on Wednesday 4 March, 2020.

Set up times: 10.30am – 11.00am

Student visiting times: 11.30am – 2.30pm

Pack-up times: 2.30pm – 3pm

We will be inviting local school students and our own college and higher education students to the event.

As an employer, this gives you a platform to speak directly to our students about career and training opportunities within your organisation. Some of our students will be unaware of specific training opportunities locally, so this is a fantastic way of sharing information about your organisation and meeting talented young students in a short space of time.

The format of the event follows that of a traditional careers fair, with organisations holding stalls in one area. This year, we have moved the fair into the centre of the College, on a main thoroughfare near our refectory to maximise footfall and visibility. Students will visit the area following their weekly tutorial.

To attract students to your organisation, you are encouraged and welcome to bring any equipment, literature or technology with you. Please check with us if you plan to bring any large or electrical equipment first though, so we can make sure you have access to enough space and power sockets. We also recommend bringing any current apprentices or trainees to talk with our students about their experiences.

As a College we are keen to promote and encourage greater diversity in the workplace, particularly in careers in STEM sectors. If you have any employees or apprentices who would like to act as as ambassador at the event we are keen to hear from any underrepresented groups from a range of sectors.

On a PR angle, we will be photographing the event and distrubuting information about it both online and offline. We will include your organisation’s name as part of the event in any press releases or online articles written by the College to bring more exposure to the training opportunities you have.

To attend, please follow the option to Register on this webpage and complete the form. We will then be in touch with you with further details and to make any special arrangements.

Please note, the College is a secure environment and all organisations that wish to attend must register in advance.