FCOT Online

Technology and the internet bring many advantages to learning. We offer a range of courses taught entirely online, degrees that can be studied from home via Online Blended Learning, and digital resources that all students can access.

Visit the links above to start browsing our courses, or to login to Moodle – the College’s Virtual Learning Environment.

What are the advantages of learning online?

Study in the comfort of your own home

Course materials are available to you on any mobile device, so whether you prefer to use a phone, tablet or computer, you can study anywhere there’s an internet connection. Some students like to study at a desk, others would prefer to do it in their pyjamas!

Study in your own time

Although assignments will have due dates, you could study first thing in the morning, during a lunch break or in the middle of the night. The choice is yours.

More chances to study

Committing to the time needed to attend lessons can be difficult for many students. Online courses can unlock qualifications that you’d never normally have the time to study. You could even use train journeys and the time spent waiting for a delivery to arrive to complete work!

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