Psychology & Mental Health Placements In Ghana, South Africa & India

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Taillor-made volunteer programme for student engagement.

Psychology and Mental Health Programmes in Ghana, India and South Africa

The Psychology and Mental Health volunteer work experience programmes are designed to give essential practical on-the-ground work experience to apply to degree-related travel and career progression, whilst giving back to developing communities in Ghana, South Africa & India.

This is a unique work-experience opportunity for current university students, graduates and

masters students studying Psychology, Mental Health or Social Work related subjects. This is a

great placement to gain field experience and apply your degree education to communities in need. You can also use this opportunity to research as per your academic interests and dissertation topic.

Volunteer Programme Focus Areas:

• Psychology placement at a local hospital where you will work and learn about mental

health challenges in a medical environment.

• Individual and group counselling; design and plan interventions with clear activities and

monitoring indicators. Observe counselling sessions. Update, assess and review case files.

• Learn about medical and drug administration, rehabilitation, observations, assessments, diagnoses and counselling.

• Field visits to psychiatric hospitals, psychology departments, prayer camps and partner


• Community outreach; school visits,mental health workshops, and community and home

health visits. Provide vital aid and support to vulnerable communities.

• Child development and mental health issues.

• Social psychology; including education and information around child and teenage well-being.

• Development from infancy, using play therapy and art therapy techniques.

• Help develop and support with gratitude workshops and diaries.

“Working at the psychiatric hospital in Ghana I did counselling with patients from the male and female wards, we worked as a group, with a counselor or independently. It was amazing and such a good experience for my university degree. I got to experience counselling for the first time as well as working at a hospital, supporting children and helping a local school. This placement has helped me so much with my future career”
Isabelle, University of Kent, Psychology Volunteer in Ghana

The VI Experience:

We will tailor the volunteer programme to focus on your interests, whether you’re interested in

clinical psychology, victim support, conducting research for your degree, or joining an active mental health team working on the frontline in a different cultural environment. We have a Psychology Programme to suit your needs and will guide you through each step and help you through the whole journey.

• A tailored overseas student, graduate or professional volunteer experience

• Comprehensive pre-trip preparation

• Placements to match your interests, career development goals or university subject

• Unlimited telephone and email support

• Volunteer essential information guide

• Pre-departure support with paperwork

“I searched for ages to find a programme that matched my university degree and career

interests. I would highly recommend this unique psychology programme with Vocational Impact”

Lucy, Leeds University, Psychology Volunteer in South Africa

What you can expect:

• Accommodation – You will stay in a secure and dedicated volunteer cottage/room.

• Meals – You will eat with your host and residents and experience authentic local food.

• 30 + hours of interactive cross-cultural training and practice.

• Certificate of Learning – to add to your employment portfolio.

• 24/7 Support – We’ve got you from the minute you commit, all the way through to


• Transportation – Airport drop off and collection. Plus all programme-related transport (to

and from partner NGOs and projects).

• Vocational Impact international development donation.

• Weekends off for travel opportunities.

“I observed and helped with counselling sessions, worked at a medical clinic, led mental health

workshops at local schools and visited psychology departments. I got a huge amount out of this

placement and I was very sad to leave.”
Talia, Oxford University, Psychology Volunteer in Ghana

Where do I start?

Head straight to our application form on vocationalimpact.org

Still have some questions? Drop us an email at volunteer@vocationalimpact.org

We conduct telephone interviews with every successful applicant.

This is a self-funded experience and part of your fee will be sent directly to the project to support

their sustainable development goals. Vocational Impact promotes ethical travel and a shared

learning experience.

*Some placements fill up fast as we limit numbers to four volunteers per month.

To apply for this job email your details to volunteer@vocationalimpact.org.

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