11 Ways to Ace Studying this September (Includes Lego and Netflix!)

Finding studying challenging? Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get organised, and make studying feel like a breeze


Make a timetable
Organising your time is essential – include study breaks and other activities to make sure your time is balanced appropriately. For example, you could schedule 30 minute blocks of studying separated by ten minute breaks.

You can also tailor your timetable to your needs – if you work better in the morning, schedule the majority of your studying for the earlier in the day.

Use a planner
Recording all your homework and deadlines in one place means that you don’t forget what’s due the next week!

Make a list
Use a list app to keep track of your daily tasks and deadlines. The apps Wunderlist and Todoist are great places to start!

Break down your work
Daunted by a huge project? Split your projects into smaller chunks, they become much easier to tackle.

Colour and highlight
Using bright colours helps your brain to retain information and makes studying more fun!

Reward yourself
Arrange to meet up with your friends after finishing an essay, or embark on an epic Netflix binge after reading the textbook.

To reward smaller goals, if you have a sweet tooth, you can reward yourself with a sweet every time you finish reading a page- let’s face it, you’ve earned it.

Stop Procrastinating
Add-ons and apps can help you do this. The Google Chrome add-on Stay Focusd allows you to limit the amount of time you can spend on websites of your choice, meaning that memes will no longer rule your life!

Exercise before studying
Exercising causes your body to release endorphins (known as the happy hormone) and generates more blood flow to your brain, reducing stress and helping you to be more focused.


Declutter your desk with foldback clips
Keep your wires detangled by clipping a binder clip to the side of your desk and threading each wire through a separate clip.

Build a Lego pencil holder
Organise your stationary by using up your old Lego. Build yourself a Lego pencil holder and get as creative as you like!

Not catching enough zzz’s? A 16 year old should get around 9 hours of sleep per night. Not getting enough sleep can make it difficult to concentrate, as well as causing mood changes.

Try not to use your phone 30 minutes before sleeping, or use an app to reduce the blue light on your phone to get a good night’s sleep.

So there they are… our 11 study hacks for helping you study – we hope they work!

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