Access to Higher Education student Kai nominated for ‘Excellence Award Certificate of Recognition’

Access to Higher Education student Kai was nominated for the ‘Excellence Award Certificate of Recognition’, presented by the Ascentis awarding organization to those students who’ve shown exemplary work and achievement.   

Kai was nominated by his teacher for the ‘Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize’ category, and described Kai as a ‘a great credit to the college’. Speaking of his Access course and what it’s been like to study at Farnborough, Kai told us: 

“I found Farnborough to be a lot more relaxed than other institutions. You can share ideas with your lecturers, and they become more of your companions than superiors. You can also converse freely with one another allowing a kind of liberalisation between you and them to find assurance that you’re grasping the concepts taught properly.  

It’s that connection that you wouldn’t get at a bigger college or university. The college itself is refurbished, it’s clean, and it has Costa coffee when you need to grab a drink. It really has everything you need to excel in whatever you choose to do. 

My advice to anyone looking to start a course would be to work backwards; some people on my course were still undecided about what they wanted to do after their course, whereas I knew what I wanted to go into from the start. Figure out where you want to be in 10 years, find the best higher education path to get you to that position and then find the perfect college course at Farnborough to start you on that roadmap to success.

Well done to Kai for all of your hard work!   

Returning to education?

Studying an Access to Higher Education course is a great starting point if you’re returning to education or want to retrain for a new career. You can take a look at the Access courses we have available here

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