Brain Injury Patients and a Photography Lecturer’s Latest Work

Holly Birtles, lecturer in Photography for college and University Centre Farnborough students, hosted a college-funded exhibition at The Doomed Gallery in Hackney last year, which has now returned to Farnborough.

A sample of the work is now displayed within the College and is available to view below.


The work was inspired by becoming involved in The London Brain Project, an initiative which brought together brain injury patients and artists to create work on the theme of their disorders.


The trauma stories inspired the work that Holly is exhibiting at the College. The images are of people who are asked to chant or repeat or sing whilst interacting with 3D objects during the photo shoot.


The images are collaged through digital manipulation and arranged in such a way as to create balance. 

The Beyond My Brain video explains more about the project and features a short interview with Holly:

Read more about Holly’s exhibition at The Doomed Gallery




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