Celebrating International Women in Engineering Day

This weekend we celebrate International Women in Engineering Day!

International Women in Engineering Day aims to support and celebrate women in engineering and raise awareness of the fantastic work that they do.

Here are a few of our students who are carving their careers in Engineering Industries:

Izabel, studying BTEC Engineering

“I’ve always been really into Maths and Physics. When I was looking at what I want to do with my life, I found the Engineering field and was interested in how everything around us is made by Engineers.

It’s really interesting and it’s very large as well. You can do basically anything you want.”

After her course, Izabel will be going on to study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Surrey.



Emily, completing an apprenticeship in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair with Ford

“I became interested in cars as I had friends who worked on classic Minis. It was so simple and easy to learn on them and that’s what got me into mechanics. I chose an apprenticeship as I never got-on with exams, I’m more of a hands-on learner.

When I’m in the garage with my mentor I’m actually doing the work and I learn easier this way. Getting stuck in and working on problems on cars is what made me really love the apprenticeship.”

After her course, Emily is looking to become a Master Technician or a Transmission Technician.

Katie, studying Carpentry 

“I chose to study Carpentry because every day is different on site. I was always good at it at school and enjoyed hands-on work. My favourite subjects were resistant materials and mechanics.

We do a lot of practical work using power tools and the SDS drill which is heavy duty. Everyone tries to do something different and has their own take on their projects.”

After her course, Katie would like to become a contractor and eventually have her own company.


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