Photography Graduate Celebrates Local Nepali Community

Shaun Jackson, a photography graduate from University Centre Farnborough, has produced a series of photos celebrating members of our local Nepali community.

Working in collaboration with Rushmoor Borough Council, Shaun completed the project in 12-weeks, meeting members across the community to learn more about their heritage, cultures, and regional traditions.

We spoke with Shaun to find out more about the project:

“I initially had the idea to photograph Nepali veterans. I’d contacted the council about the idea and they suggested to celebrate the whole community through the project.”

“I started taking photographs of members in their traditional dress. As I approached different groups we discovered the traditional dress varied by region and met members of the community who consider their traditional dress to be British. As the project evolved it came to represent different regional tribes, dress, generations and soldiers.”

“I already had a lot of respect for the Nepali community and by doing the project I’ve learned a lot about their cultures, as well as how lovely and kind they really are.”

Shaun’s photographs are on display in Aldershot Town Centre for all to enjoy and can be viewed on his Facebook page.

Shaun has also visited the University Centre in recent months to talk to current students about his work and projects since completing the degree.

“I really enjoyed doing the degree at Farnborough and I miss the learning process. In the future I’d like to do more projects like this.”

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