Celebration for another Year of Apprenticeship Successes

This July, the College gathered its staff and talented students for a special evening, honouring outstanding individuals who have excelled in their apprenticeship programmes.

The event showcased the College’s commitment to work-based learning, the needs of local employers, and its pride for the wide range of students completing apprenticeships. The festive atmosphere was enhanced by Caribbean food, music, and the mingling of apprentices, friends, families, employers, and staff.

Principal CEO, Virginia Barrett, and Associate Director of Apprenticeships and Business Development, Karen Morris, presided over the event, handing out a number of awards for those who have shown particular success in their role and training programme.

Principal CEO Virginia Barrett said: “As a former apprentice myself, I especially recognise the value that these programmes bring and how they can provide a platform to launch exciting new careers. Seeing apprentices, their employers, and friends and families all together is a very special moment in celebrating success. Apprenticeships are a wonderful collaboration between so many people and this is a particular strength of these qualifications. I wish all our graduating apprentices, and those due to complete over the Summer, the best of luck in their careers and I hope to see you all again soon.”

Guest speaker, Dave Axam, a renowned businessman and college governor also delivered an inspiring talk, touching on his firsthand experience as a former apprentice and the advice he would give to those starting in their careers. He said:

“I am very much a product of this college, having spent nine years studying here, and am a huge advocate for vocational education after the opportunities it has given me. For those completing their qualification, remember there is no right or wrong path, just the path for you – so do follow it. Be optimistic, persevere, work hard, and back yourself.”

For those interested in joining one of the College’s many programmes, applications remain open throughout the Summer. A number of GCSE Results Advice Sessions are available from the 24 August and an Open Event tailored to Adult and Higher Education takes place on 6 September.

To find out more about the College’s programmes and Open Events, please visit www.farn-ct.ac.uk.

There's still time to apply for September, enrol today!
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