College Launches Four Day Week

Going to college used to mean all study and little money.

But what if you could go to college, get great qualifications and earn more money?

Well you can now.

At Farnborough College of Technology our courses are now being taught over just four days.* You still get the full course, excellent resources and small classes PLUS you have an extra day when you can: –

  • Earn some money
  • Work in a job related to your studies that will improve your career opportunities
  • Improve your CV, and employability, by working in an unrelated area of work
  • Or carry out some private study.

The choice is yours.

*Does not apply to A Levels and some A Level/Vocational Mixed Options

At FCoT we know that Less is More

AND we have also reduced the cost of our bus tickets to less than the price of a cup of coffee in most high street shops.



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