College thankful for Equipment Donation

Farnborough College of Technology is pleased to announce the generous donation of engineering testing equipment by Jeanette Hatto. The equipment, previously owned by her late husband and engineer Bryan Hatto, was a microscope and a device used to test ‘degrees of freedom of movement’ and will now find a new home at the College’s engineering department.

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Left to right, Principal CEO Virginia Barrett, Programme Manager Scott Hutton, Jeanette Hatto, John Negus

Accompanied by her friend John Negus, Jeanette visited Farnborough College of Technology to personally hand over the equipment. During her visit, she was given a tour of the engineering facilities and enjoyed lunch with staff, including Programme Manager for Engineering Scott Hutton, Assistant Principal Clive Hodge, and Principal CEO Virginia Barrett.

Bryan Hatto served as the Apprentice Training Manager for Farnborough College of Technology for many years before leaving in the 1980s. It was Jeanette’s desire to involve the College with this donation. She said: “I am delighted to not only discover the purpose of this equipment but to hand it over to those who will appreciate it and know how to use it.”

Principal CEO Virginia Barrett expressed her gratitude for the contribution, stating, “My colleagues and I were very intrigued by the equipment, and thankfully our engineering staff were able to identify its purpose and demonstrate its usage to Jeanette. Jeanette’s heartfelt memories of Bryan and his role at the College were truly touching, and we are immensely thankful for this valuable donation.”

With a rich history in engineering education, Farnborough College of Technology traces its roots back to 1943 as the Royal Aircraft Establishment’s Technical College. In 2022, the College proudly welcomed then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson to inaugurate its new Aerospace Research and Innovation Centre. Today, the College offers a wide range of engineering courses at all levels, including college courses, apprenticeships, and degree programmes.

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