Congratulations Access Students!

This July our Access to Higher Education students have been celebrating their results and the completion of their course.

The Access to Higher Education Diploma is a one-year course that can provide a route to university-level study for those who missed out on college, want to change careers or need a degree to progress in their role. Each year many of our graduates progress to higher education courses at a range of institutions and our own University Centre Farnborough.

Principal CEO, Virginia Barrett, commented: “I would like to wish my congratulations to our Access students receiving their results this July. The recent circumstances of Covid-19 mean students will have worked even harder and shown more resilience to complete their courses successfully. We are certain the skills they have gained during this time will take them far in their endeavours.”  

Head of Access courses, Emma Watkin, commented: “I am incredibly proud of all our students, whose dedication and hard work has seen them achieve their new qualification. Many are now progressing on to degrees and apprenticeships to pursue their ambitions. Congratulations and I wish you the best of luck for your next steps.”

We spoke to students to find out what they have planned next and how they found the course:


Studied: Access to Allied Health Professions
Now: Going on to study Midwifery at West London University

“Ever since I had my first daughter I wanted to be a midwife. Raising a family and gaining life experience drove my passion to pursue it. Before the course I did a Pre-access course to brush up on my skills in sciences, as well as Functional Skills maths and English. I really enjoyed the Access course and meeting other students. The teachers were fantastic and the support was always there. I’d recommend the course because it’s given me the grades I needed to achieve my goals.”


Studied: Access to Business
Now: Going on to study a degree in Business Management at University Centre Farnborough

“I work as an administrator for a distribution centre and wanted to work towards career progression. A friend of mine did the Access course and degree here, and when I told them I wanted to progress they recommended to take this route. It’s been a great experience doing the course. The best part was the teachers, they were a joy to be around and always made the classes interesting. Another bonus was the people I got to meet on the course. I made such good friends who I’m still in contact with today.”


Studied: Access to Sciences
Now: Going on to study Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology at Portsmouth University

“I joined the course to be able to go on to study physics at university. It’s been a great opportunity for me as after college I went straight into work as I wanted to start earning, but after I’d settled I decided that I wanted to pursue education again. When I was researching my options for how I could get there I found the Access course. Meeting new people who were in the same boat as me was really motivational. I was motivated by all the teachers’ help and all my friends.”


Studied: Access to Allied Health Professions
Now: Going on to study an Operating Department Practitioner apprenticeship

“Before the course I was working in radiology helping to assist the consultants, and I wanted to become a radiographer. During my work I spent a lot of time in theatre and was approached with the opportunity to do an apprenticeship to become an Operating Department Practitioner. I really enjoyed the Access course. I found it a little overwhelming to begin with, especially being an older student coming back, but I really enjoyed it. I got to meet lots of new people and the tutors were so supportive and got me through it. Regardless of the results I got, just doing the course was a massive confidence boost. It was really fun to learn new things.”


Studied: Access to Allied Health Professions
Now: Going on to study a degree in Midwifery at Kings College London

“When my first son was born I became interested in midwifery. I’d been a house husband for the last 8-9 years, so coming back to education and being surrounded by people who were a lot younger than me was interesting. Getting back into a classroom situation and a lab was a bit daunting, but it was a lovely environment to come in to. Everyone made me feel really welcome and I never felt like I was the oldest in the class. Everyone was supported equally and I never felt like I was struggling. I can’t recommend the place enough – they did everything they could to prepare me to go on and become a midwife.”


Studied: Access to Business
Now: Going on to study a degree in Business Management at University Centre Farnborough

“I thought the course was very good and informative. It was interesting to get back into education after a break. One of the things I liked about studying here and one of the reasons I’m staying here for my degree is because there are nice small numbers in the class with a really friendly feel. Everyone was very welcoming and it was a nice place to study.”

For those interested in studying with us, please visit our pages for either Access or University-level courses. Applications can be made online and are still open for this September!

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