Fashion Lecturer wins Hampshire Award

Earlier this week our fashion and textiles lecturer Sam Jones won the Hampshire award for Teaching & Learning at a ceremony in Winchester. Huge congratulations to Sam Jones, and also to her colleague Lareen Morris who nominated her.

Sam (right) and Lareen (left)

Sam is described by the judge as “An extraordinary member of staff, dedicated and inspiring”

This is how Sam was described during the ceremony…

Sam loves her work. Initially training to became a Youth Worker after university and loved working with young people she eventually became a technician at Guildford College where she then trained to become a teacher. Her leadership team at Farnborough College feel very lucky she chose to come to them next and they really value her work. 

One of Sam’s proudest feats has been in creating a programme she would have loved to do at college herself. She is driven by her desire to enable each student to achieve their best and is adamant each one should receive the attention that they need to channel and develop their potential. Sam says, “I don’t want to spew out sausages! Each one is an individual and we do the right thing to support each one”. Her students reflect this in their wide variety of career choices; from tailors to fashion designers, to those who now work in merchandise, fashion promotion and beyond. 

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