Gallery: Media Students Visit Prague!

This May our Media Production students went on a residential trip to Prague – also known as the European Hollywood!

The Czech Republic is now a hub for film talent this side of the Atlantic due to their skilled professionals and Barrandov Film studios. Our Media students started their tour there looking at the studios built by the Nazis to make their infamous propaganda films and now where popular films such as Casino Royale and Mission Impossible have been shot. Whilst the students were there the British film “Ophelia” starring Naomi Watts and Daisy Ridley was in production. The students were also taken behind the scenes to the costume and props department to see how much preparation and planning goes into film production.

The students had an exclusive visit to Radio Free Europe, where journalists report the news in 23 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. They provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news and open debate. Students went behind the scenes and were privileged to meet some of the presenters.

The group also visited Český Rozhlas, who is the public radio broadcaster of the Czech Republic – similar to our BBC. Again, our students were taken around the studios and even had a go in their ever revolving lifts. Alliance Mobile Security very kindly sponsored a personalised hoody for each student to wear which were barley worn due to the scorching weather, but thank you to them for their kind donation!

All in all the students had a wonderful time, visiting the Old Square, Prague castle and all of the media related trips.

Check out their trip in the gallery below…


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