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Information for students and staff concerned about Coronavirus

You will no doubt have seen information in the news about the Coronavirus outbreak in parts of China. The level of risk for people in the UK is currently assessed as low, and there are currently no confirmed cases of this new infection in the UK.

We are monitoring the advice from Public Health England on what to do if we suspect someone may be at risk of having Coronavirus. Protecting our students and staff is very important to us, and we will continue to take advice from Public Health England where needed.

If you are concerned, we ask that you follow these simple precautions.


Coronavirus is a respiratory virus – this means the symptoms will often involve shortness of breath, a cough or sore throat. If you have these symptoms and have travelled to China in the last 14 days – in particular to Wuhan, Hubei Province, China – then please contact your local doctor (also called a GP) by phone and remain at home.

In an emergency you should call 111.

Advice from Public Health England states that people should maintain good hand, respiratory and personal hygiene.

Advice about travel

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has advised against all but essential travel to Wuhan city, Hubei Province. Restrictions on travel to other cities may be in place. We recognise that students and staff members may be traveling independently, particularly at the time of the Lunar New Year festival – and we would urge you to take all sensible precautions.

Travel from the affected regions into the UK is now subject to additional health checks and screening at UK borders. UK public health measures are world-leading and the NHS is well prepared to manage and treat new diseases.

Students and staff due to travel to China should refer to travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

If you are a staff member and have concerns, please contact the Health and Safety Officer or refer to the Employee Assistance Programme which has online guidance. Details of accessing this can be found on the Intranet or from Human Resources.