LGBT History Celebrated with Student Artwork

This February was LGBT History Month and our graphic design students celebrated by showing off their new design skills to represent the month.

LGBT History month takes place every February to share the struggle and discrimination the LGBT community has overcome and the prejudices they face.

The artwork was completed by 12 graphic design students who reflected key events from LGBT History such as the first known gender reassignment surgery, the first UK Pride March, and the legalisation of same-sex marriage in the UK. The students used all their creative talents to put their skills to the test in creating a collection of artwork. By showcasing the different events the aim is to help raise awareness on the discrimination and prejudice the LGBT community has faced and still faces.

The artwork was then displayed on banners around the College’s refectory.

Principal CEO Virginia Barrett said:

“We especially value the work our students do in creating our inclusive college environment. Having students who are willing to show support to the LGBT community, whether they are a part of the community or not, shows the emotional intelligence our students possess.

“They are showing a growth mindset which is exactly what we wish our students to accomplish in their time with us. Well done to our students for the work they do every day to make FCoT more and more inclusive.”

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