Local Celebrity Chef to Guide Students in Competition

Eight of our talented catering students will be competing in the HEAT Culinary cooking competition semi-finals this December, under the guidance of local celebrity chef, Rob Kennedy

For the second year in a row, our catering students have demonstrated their skills and made it through to the semi-finals of the HEAT Culinary cooking competition. This year, students have been challenged with recreating a restaurant menu designed by Rob Kennedy, a successful chef and former student of the College. Since completing his course with us, Chef Kennedy has achieved over 85 culinary awards during his career, as well as making TV appearances and gaining 10 years of experience in royal dining. The competition semi-finals will take place this December here at the College.

Competing students with Chef Kennedy, Chef Lecturer Sean Patterson, and Catering Programme Manager Gwen Grace

Chef Kennedy commented: “It’s a pleasure to support these future young chefs in such a prestigious competition. The journey I have had since leaving Farnborough College of Technology many years ago has been exciting with opportunities off the scale and I would love to see the team follow my passion and inspiration.”

The top secret four-course menu is being guarded by students and staff until the competition takes place this December, where it will be judged by top chefs in the UK catering industry. Students Ben, Frazier, Ollie, and Xander will be preparing food for the judges, with guidance from Chef Kennedy and Chef Lecturer, Sean Patterson. Chef Patterson, commented: “Students are currently working hard, showing passion and professionalism with their eyes on the trophy. Many thanks to Chef Kennedy for his support.” In the meantime, students Andrew, Gabriella, Oscar and Pashley will be demonstrating their front of house skills to diners with guidance from Programme Manager, Gwen Grace.

Students will be competing in the hopes of reaching the competition final where they will have the opportunity to travel to Jersey. The competing team have been sponsored by Churchills Donation, Koppert Cress, Condor and The Craft Guild of Chefs.

If you’re interested in studying catering with us, you can visit our pages for School Leavers and for Adults. Applications can be made online and Open Events are held throughout the year.

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