Our Top 5 Tips For Surviving Your GCSE Exams

GCSE exams are right around the corner. But don’t worry! We’ve picked our top 5 exam and revision tips to help you ace your exams.



1. Use Past Papers

Using past papers is a fantastic way to find out how your revision is going, where you need to improve and for getting to grips with exam technique. With exams fast approaching, The Student Room has put together this handy guide to help you revise using past papers.

2. Download the BBC Bitesize Revision App

As well as providing tonnes of useful revision material for GCSEs, BBC Bitesize also offer a Revision App which gives you Bitesized Flashcards and revision materials, whenever you want, wherever you are. Download the app now and take your revision everywhere you go!

3. Draw a Learning Map

Studential say that drawing a learning map is a great way to absorb information if you’re a ‘visual learner’. The main idea is to draw rather than write, which engages a different part of your brain and helps with the learning process. Find out more of their tips here.

4. Focus, Focus, Focus!

For some of us, the run up to exams can leave us so distracted we just can’t think straight and procrastination seems to be the only option. Thankfully The Student Room provides some helpful tips on how to avoid procrastination and get back on track with your revision.


And finally…

5. Relax!

UCAS Blogger, Itunu says remember to take a deep breath and relax. It feels stressful now but don’t let things get to you. It’s all about putting the effort in – what you put in is what you will get out. See all of her tips here.

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