Poppy Appeal Student Fundraiser

A group of our students created handmade poppies in support of the Royal British Legion’s (RBL) Poppy Appeal.

The initiative was part of the student’s enterprise lessons aimed at understanding what is needed to run a business by teaching problem solving, decision making and communication skills.

Ellie and Katie handing over an oversized check to the Officer with their teachers and CEO Principal Virginia on either side

The student’s eco-friendly poppies were a big hit raising £75 through sales to both students and teachers alike.

Hearing about the students work the Farnborough branch of the Royal British Legion wanted to thank the students and further explain the importance and role of the poppy appeal and the RBL.

Dudley Howard, the branch secretary and Branch Standard Bearer from the Farnborough Branch visited on the 23rd of November to thank the students.

Mr. Howard said that “It’s very important, I feel, that young people are involved with this kind of activity. That they understand what it is that they are collecting the money for and that there is still very much a need for the Royal British Legion.”

Howard then demonstrated a flag salute to the students showing his gratitude towards them for their work.

Ellie and Katie, the students involved in the project, wanted to share their thoughts on the experience.

Ellie started with “I had fun making the poppies. It was cool to raise money for a good cause, everyone wanted one, they kept asking us to make more. We are pleased to have raised £75 but next year we’re going to aim for £100”

Katie then went on to say “I am happy and excited at being able to hand over the money to Mr. Howard. It helped us understand where the money was going and what it would be used for. We definitely want to do this again.”

Principal CEO Virginia Barret said that:

“It’s wonderful seeing our students involving themselves in the local community and educating themselves at the same time. The drive, ambition and hard work they possess are core elements to help the, succeed in the future.”

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