SIX things you can do on a snow day

The Beast from the East has snowed us in, so we thought it’d be a good time to think about the opportunities this brings!

1. Start watching festive films again. It’s completely justified all the time there’s snow on the ground

We don’t think the same is true for music though. Maybe keep Mariah out of your playlist for another few months.

2. Get a head-start on assignments and feel more relaxed about your deadlines

Remember, you can still access Moodle and all your files saved on the College network from home.

3. Get some air

It’s easy to stay indoors all day when the weather’s bad, but some fresh air will help keep you awake and motivated! Remember to take extra care in icy conditions, wrap up warm and follow Police advice on travelling.

4. Decide what you’ll be doing in the future

Starting a new college course? Deciding which university is best for you? Looking for a job? Spend some time researching your options and use our online Career Coach tool for help. Remember, applications for our college courses, University Centre degrees and apprenticeships are still open. Also, visit the National Careers Service website for plenty of resources, including job profiles!

5. Help someone

If you know someone who could use some help in the poor weather, why not see if you can lend a hand? From clearing a driveway to just checking they’re ok, you could be the neighbour that makes a difference.

6. Prepare to be reunited with classmates

How long can the snow last anyway? It should be spring any moment now…

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