Step into the creative world of our BA (Hons) Photography students with their Virtual Gallery

Our final year photography students have created an interactive platform to showcase their work, giving us even more access and insight into what a photography student can achieve while studying with us.

The online platform is a combination of imagery, movement and sound that showcases just how innovative and creative a course like photography can be. Curated by our final year BA (Hons) Photography students, you can explore each student’s work by clicking their profile, and then taking a ‘walk’ around the virtual space, where you are met with not only striking and intriguing visuals, but also the motions and sounds that the students thought best accompany them, creating an even more immersive experience.  

“The works on display delve into themes such as post human landscape, visceral meanderings through the psyche, the body as seat of identity or semiotic breakdown of binary gender positions. Presented within these of works is the materiality of the print, flexible space as fiction, public and private, inert and extrovert, insider and outsider.” – BA Photography Degree Show 

You can view the showcase of our students excellent work alongside the virtual gallery here: https://ucf-ba-photography.co.uk/  

To find out more about our degree level photography courses, visit: https://www.farn-ct.ac.uk/university-centre-farnborough/courses/photography/3420/  

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