Student Lands Competitive Apprenticeship at Rolls Royce

Kymran Shergill, one of our current A Level students, has secured a Supply Chain Management Degree Apprenticeship with the Engineering branch of Rolls Royce.

Kymran was offered the apprenticeship out of the incredible number of 52,000 applicants. After achieving an A Level in Geography and Maths from another college, she came to us to study A Level Business and A Level Economics.

We spoke to Kymran about her exciting prospects and time studying with us:

“I decided to do an apprenticeship as I learn best by ‘doing’. I applied to universities as well to keep my options open but apprenticeships suit me more.”

“Engineering appeals to me because it’s creative and innovative. In my apprenticeship I’ll be working on many aspects of the company, from the individual parts all the way to the final product and selling to customers.”

“The role will be very hands-on and I’ll be meeting with customers regularly. Rolls Royce are involved in engineering used on aeroplanes, ships, defence systems and more – with them you can go down so many routes. They are an ethical and environmentally friendly company too which is really important to me.”

“After my apprenticeship I’d like to work with the company full-time – I’d like to see where it takes me. I like working with people and hope to manage my own team one day. As it’s a Degree Apprenticeship I’ll be getting paid and getting a degree at the same time – what more do you want!”

“When I first came to the College I didn’t know what it would be like but now I’m here I love it! People are really open here and I feel I can really be myself.”

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