Welding the Way to the Future

Engineering students at Farnborough College of Technology displayed their practical skills and ability to perform under pressure at the College’s new Welding Competition. The event, organised by Fabrication and Welding Lecturer George Myles, is designed to gauge the students’ confidence and skills, as well as ensure that they are prepared for and meet the standards of future workplaces.

Participants faced a challenging task, completing five different welds of their lecturer’s choosing and then self-evaluating their work before receiving final feedback and the results. The close competition highlighted the students’ dedication, technical proficiency, and ability to remain focused while completing complex welds.

“In today’s welding industry, employers demand a combination of technical expertise and the ability to perform under pressure,” elaborated George Myles, who was also the Welding Competition’s judge. “This competition is designed to bridge that gap by providing students with a realistic experience that pushes their skills and prepares them for success in the workforce.”

Assistant Principal for Engineering, Scott Hutton said: “This event is not just about identifying the most skilled welder, but about nurturing a culture of continuous learning and self-evaluation. The ability to critically assess one’s work and adapt to feedback is essential for growth in any field, and this competition provides a valuable platform for that development.”

Speaking on the new competition, Principal CEO Virginia Barrett explained: “The Welding Competition is a fantastic example of Farnborough College of Technology’s dedication to innovative, hands-on learning and we are proud to have both students and lecturers who support this.”

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