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Young Chefs Receive Visit from Tilda Rice


Catering students at the college welcomed a visit from Tilda rice.

Our Level 3 catering students were given an amazing opportunity when they welcomed representatives of Tilda to speak to them about the company and try out some of our students’ own rice-based recipes.

Students were fully immersed by the talk given by Mark Lyddy, Head of Foodservice at Tilda, who explained the production and trade of basmati from paddy to plate. He went on to explain how the company has developed in to the market-leading global rice brand it is today. The presentation finished with the ‘Grains of Truth’ quiz where catering student, Dominic Kilbane, was fortunate enough to win a luxurious Tilda hamper.


Afterwards, our Level 2 food and beverage students got the chance to show off their skills and inventiveness as they brought out some amazing rice-based dishes for our guests from Tilda to try. The recipes created included an aromatic hoi sin duck and jasmine rice spring roll, braised beef brisket chilli con carne topped with basmati rice and, for dessert, a coconut jasmine basmati and ginger brulee. Each dish was especially designed to make the Tilda rice used the centre of the recipe.


Alex Wilcock, Lecturer in Catering, said:

“This was a great experience for our students. We are very passionate about respecting our ingredients and the wonderful producers and farmers that supply us with them. We love it when the students can meet with the suppliers so that they will have the knowledge to help them grow and mature in their careers. It’s about building a relationship with the product and the supplier and working together as a team.”

Mark Lyddy said:

“It was wonderful to see such creativity and passion from these ambitious young chefs. It was a privilege to share with the student chefs, the history and beauty of Tilda rice. And as for what they showed us…pure flair for taking an ingredient and producing such an array of intricate final dishes.”


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